Fans Think Noah Centineo Is Going To Be In The Next Batman Movie

2 October 2018, 19:47

By Katie Louise Smith

Noah Centineo had a fitting at Warner Bros and now people are speculating whether he'll appear in the next Batman movie.

Noah Centineo. Your fictional boyfriend, your perfect teen rom-com heartthrob, your favourite twenty-something Twitter philosopher, your next... Batman?

Yes that's right Centineo stans, the rumour mill is currently in overdrive and it's all thanks to his latest Instagram story. Why, you ask? Well, people are speculating over whether or not he's about to star in - and maybe even replace Ben Affleck - in the Matt Reeves' new Batman film, The Batman. (Yes, really.)

Noah Centineo Batman
Picture: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic/Warner Bros.

Back in August, Revenge Of The Fans mentioned on The Fanboy Podcast that Noah Centineo's name reportedly kept popping up in casting news for Reeves' The Batman. Details of what role he was 'being considered' for were never disclosed but the rumours started swirling nonetheless.

Cut to yesterday (Oct 1) when Noah updated his Instagram story from the Warner Bros. lot. Noah told his fans on Insta that he was at the studio for a fitting. While he didn't reveal what it was for, he explained that he was pretty excited about it.

Of course, that little life update paired with the rumours that had already circulated sent people into overdrive and now, everyone is wondering if actual Peter Kavinsky is about to become the next Dark Knight.

Despite LITERALLY BEING A RUMOUR (seriously, it's just a rumour), fans are pretty much here for Noah to assume the role of Gotham's one and only.


Others, however, are not convinced he has what it takes to play Bruce Wayne. A sidekick? Maybe. But the Batman? Hmmm... it's ranging from a tentative 'no' to an 'absolutely not' for some people out there.


Now, bearing in mind this is literally JUST A RUMOUR, it's more than likely that Noah could have been at the studio for a fitting for an entirely different movie. Noah recently spoke about a script for an action rom-com movie that he was currently reading and getting very excited about. No other details about the film were dished on his part (including the studio) but there's a possibility that he was heading in for fitting for that. (Honestly, Warner Bros. have so many films in production right now it could literally be anything.)

ONLY TIME WILL, MY FELLOW NOAH STANS. In the meantime, here's some footage of a young Noah Centineo dressed as Batman dancing to Justin Bieber's 'Boyfriend' that he quote tweeted with the caption: "Justice League 2022"

2018 is the year of speaking things into existence after all...