Lena Dunham's Shady Tweets About Noah Centineo And Timothee Chalamet Have Outraged Fans

18 September 2018, 16:20

By Katie Louise Smith

"Why is Lena Dunham devaluing Noah Centineo like that?"

Lena Dunham has got herself into hot water again and this time it involves Noah Centineo and Timothy Chalamet. FOR SOME REASON.

Lena tweeted this thought provoking question a few days ago (September 16), which is, to be honest, a fair query. Timothée Chalamet or Noah Centineo? Two twenty-something actors currently blowing up in Hollywood. Two drastically different types of guys. Both talented. Both ridiculously good-looking. Both fun to imagine being our fictional summer boyfriends.


Responses to her initial tweet split social media right down the middle. Some were absolutely adamant that Timothée was the man for them, others were all about Noah Centineo. The majority, however, were decidedly undecided, replying to her tweet with things like: "Give me both," "Chalamet in the streets, Centineo in the sheets," and "Chalamet in the summer, Centineo the remainder of the year."

The best reply? "Which one is more likely to grow up to be a Goldblum?" (The jury unanimously agrees that that particular category has already been filled by Timmy.)

Noah Centineo Timothee Chalamet
Picture: Frazer Harrison/Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

But Lena didn't stop there - and that's what got her into a bit of hot water on Twitter. Things got a little shady on Lena's end when she followed up her original tweet with a series of comments comparing the two, and the majority of them were a little judgemental towards Noah.

Lena Dunham Noah Centineo Tweets
Picture: Lena Dunham via Twitter

Sliiiiiiiiiiightly odd, no? Judging Noah's character like that? Needless to say, the vocal fanbases of both actors piped up in her mentions and called her out for it.