People Are Obsessed With Nonnie From ‘Insatiable’ And They’re Not Wrong

13 August 2018, 20:13 | Updated: 13 August 2018, 20:27

By Katie Louise Smith

"At this point, I’m watching Insatiable for Nonnie and Nonnie only and that’s the tea."

The Debby Ryan-led Netflix dark-comedy series Insatiable finally dropped on Netflix last week (August 10) and so far, the reaction from both the critics and the audiences has not been great. Despite being called out for an endless list of problematic stereotypes and jokes, there has been a few aspects of the show that have emerged as positives amongst all the backlash - and one of those things is Patty's best friend Nonnie.

Nonnie is played by Kimmy Shields, who you'll have most recently seen in HBO's Big Little Lies alongside Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman and cancelled Netflix series Girlboss, and she's become a real fan favourite amongst the fans of the show on Twitter.

Nonnie Insatiable Kimmy Shields
Picture: Netflix

However, as with almost everything that Insatiable has to offer, Nonnie's character hasn't passed through the internet without criticism. Some are concerned about the representation of a closeted girl being obsessed with her straight best friend and the stigma that it will no doubt continue to perpetuate in platonic friendships between girls, and boys, for that matter. (And there's also the fact that Nonnie's sexuality is often used as a punchline.)

Others, on the other hand, can't get enough of her journey to figuring out, and later becoming comfortable with, her own sexual identity. Amidst all the problematic storylines, tropes and stereotypes, Nonnie has emerged as one of the series' best characters.


This is a Nonnie only zone. Sorry about it.


Nonnie is an ANGEL.


They said what they said! #NonnieAndDee2k18


When Nonnie called Patty out at the roast... I felt that.


On a real, Nonnie's eventual storyline ended up being one of the best things about the show.


If there's a season two, you BETTER give Nonnie that screen-time.


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