'OITNB' Season 6 Is Missing A Lot Of Characters And Fans Are NOT Happy

2 August 2018, 18:47 | Updated: 4 August 2018, 10:36

By Sam Prance

Where are they?

Orange Is The New Black is back with its sixth season, and if you're anything like us you will have binged it all already. Netflix released 13 new episodes of the show on Friday and they're amazing. From Taystee's heart-wrenching storyline to the antics of murderous sister duo Carol and Barb, it's captivating af. Not to mention, there is also the addition of new villain Madison and fan favourite Daddy. We're obsessed.

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However, the response hasn't all been positive. Longterm viewers of the show have noticed that many of the series' beloved characters are missing and they aren't happy. Litchfield inmates including the likes of Norma (Red's family is depleting), Boo (her signature sarcastic quips are missed) and Maritza (we need more Flaritza make-up tips) are nowhere to be seen.

The main missing characters in full are: Norma Romano, Carrie 'Boo' Black, Maritza Ramos, Janae Watson, Alison Abdullah, Maureen Kukudio, Brook Soso, Mei Chang, Stephanie Hapakuka, Gina Murphy, Anita DeMarco, Yoga Jones, Angie Rice, Leanne Taylor, Kasey Sankey, Brandy Epps and Roman 'Pidge' Contreras.

Orange Is the New Black
Orange Is the New Black. Picture: Netflix

Thematically this all makes sense. At the end of Season 5 of OINTB many of the prisoners were separated in the wake of the riot. Most (Piper, Gloria, Cindy) were transferred to the same maximum security prison that Season 6 is set in but the others, including Maritza, were seen boarding a bus elsewhere. Boo's last scene showed her being arrested by the SWAT team in the riot, so it's unclear if she went to the same place as Maritza.

With that in mind, it's unclear if they will return to the show in Season 7 or at all. Speaking about them, OINTB writer Brian Chamberlayne said to The Hollywood Reporter: "If the story takes us there, it has to be organic for us. We never want to suddenly be in a world that we haven't set up. But we love those characters and miss them as storytellers for sure, so we hope to always see them."

Okay. Breathe. They could come back. Still people are not happy. Here are just a few of the reactions.

Some are angry about the lack of Boo.

Feel like pure shit just want her back.

Others are sad to see that Maritza doesn't feature.

When will our queen return from war?

Actually there a lot of people that are missing.

We need answers.

And fans want official confirmation that their faves will be back next season.

It's just not the same without them.

Then there are those who are annoyed because the new characters aren't as well developed as the old ones not in this season.

We've spent years getting to know them.

And last but not least there are those who still miss Poussey.

*weeps for eternity*