HBO Max’s The Prince slammed for "inappropriate" depiction of Prince George

30 July 2021, 11:48

Watch HBO Max’s The Prince trailer

By Sam Prance

The Prince is a new animated comedy series that pokes fun at the royal family and eight-year-old Prince George.

HBO Max is facing backlash over their new series The Prince and the"inappropriate" ways in which it depicts Prince George.

The Prince is a new animated sitcom featuring voiceovers from the likes of Orlando Bloom as Prince Harry, Sophie Turner as Princess Charlotte and Frances de la Tour as Queen Elizabeth II. The show is a satirical look at the British royal family. It's told from the perspective of Prince George, who is voiced by The Prince creator and Family Guy writer Gary Janetti.

People are calling the series "disrespectful" for mocking Prince George who is just seven in the show and eight in real life.

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HBO Max called out for mocking eight-year-old Prince George in The Prince
HBO Max called out for mocking eight-year-old Prince George in The Prince. Picture: Geoffrey Robinson / Alamy Stock Photo, HBO Max

In the trailer for The Prince, Prince George is depicted as a bratty and spoiled tyrant. In one scene, he asks a butler: "Excuse me? Do you have any tea that doesn't taste like piss?" He then proceeds to treat pretty much everyone around him terribly while also being incredibly self-absorbed and inconsiderate. The trailer ends with him calling The Queen a "bad bitch".

Reacting to the trailer, multiple people criticised HBO Max for producing the show. One person tweeted: "I was this close to renewing my #HBOMax subscription and then I saw this. Imagine bullying a 8 year old as a form of entertainment. I can't imagine any other 8 year old being mocked this way. Shame on you."

Another person wrote: "This is inappropriate. And disrespectful. The children are all innocent and should be off limits! This should be pulled and never viewed. How can you in good conscious, let this happen?"

As it stands, HBO Max are yet to respond to the backlash. We shall update you if they do.

What do you think? Is the show inappropriate?