The Princess Switch 3: Release date, cast, trailer and news

19 November 2020, 09:01

By Sam Prance

Netflix have already started production on a sequel to The Princess Switch: Switched Again with Vanessa Hudgens.

The Princess Switch fans assemble. Netflix have revealed that they're now working on a third film in the hit holiday franchise.

As soon as The Princess Switch came out on Netflix in November 2018, viewers all around the world couldn't get enough of it. The Christmas tale tells the story of two lookalikes played by Vanessa Hudgens. Chigaco born baker, Stacy DeNovo, and Duchess of Montenaro, Margaret Delacourt, switch lives after a chance encounter and their lives are changed forever.

The Princess Switch was so popular that Netflix quickly started work on a sequel. The Princess Switch: Switched Again is now out on Netflix and Netflix have confirmed that The Princess Switch 3 is coming too. With that in mind, here's exactly what you need to know about The Princess Switch 3, including the release date, cast, trailer, news and much more.

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When does The Princess Switch 3 come out?

The Princess Switch 3: Release date, cast, trailer and news
The Princess Switch 3: Release date, cast, trailer and news. Picture: Netflix

When is The Princess Switch 3 release date?

The Princess Switch 3 is set to come out in the holiday season of 2021. In other words, we can probably expect it to drop in November, exactly a year after The Princess Switched: Switched Again. According to ET, "production on the third film is set to begin in Scotland later this year".

It's currently unclear exactly what The Princess Switch 3 will be called but we hope it follows in Nicki Minaj's footsteps with something like The Princess Switch: Stacy DeNovo Reloaded - The Re-Up.

Who will be in The Princess Switch 3 cast?

As it stands, there's no concrete cast information about The Princess Switch 3. However, it seems likely that all of the main cast will return. In other words, expect to see Vanessa Hudgens back as Margaret, Stacy and Fiona, alongside Nick Sagar (Kevin), Sam Palladio (Prince Edward), Alexa Adeosun (Olivia) and the rest of the film's fan-favourite characters.

We also imagine that some new faces will be appearing in the movie.

What will The Princess Switch 3 be about?

Again, Netflix are yet to tease plot details for The Princess Switch 3 but we imagine that it will follow on from the sequel. The Princess Switch 2 sees "Duchess Margaret unexpectedly inherit the throne and hit a rough patch with Kevin. It then falls to Stacy to save the day before a new lookalike — party girl Fiona — foils their plans."

Taking this into consideration, we wouldn't be surprised if The Princess Switch 3 introduces us to a fourth lookalike.

Is there a The Princess Switch 3 trailer?

Not just yet but we'll keep you updated as soon as there is.