'Queer Eye's Tan France Reveals He Chose Tom's Suit For His Wedding To Abby

15 June 2018, 20:12 | Updated: 4 October 2018, 17:05

By Katie Louise Smith

The 'Queer Eye' guys may not have gone to Tom and Abby's wedding but Tan France's fashion advice was there in spirit.

In case you haven't heard, Queer Eye season two made it's grand return to Netflix today (June 15) just in time for Pride month and it's already reducing everyone to tears of pure joy. (Full disclosure: if you were blown away by the first season, you're going to lose your minds at how good season two is.)

Ahead of the release, QE's resident fashion expert Tan France dropped into the PopBuzz studio to have a chat about the brand new season of the groundbreaking show and we learned a lot of juicy new things in the process.

Tan dished on everything from his tactics when it comes to getting the stubborn guys on the show to switch up their style to his upcoming book and who would play him if Netflix decided to turn his life story into a movie. (He chose Riz Ahmed, by the way, which is, quite literally, the most genius casting decision of all time.)

But the most adorable confession came when Tan revealed that he actually chose the suit that season one fan favourite Tom (from episode one) wore when he remarried the love of his life Abby!

While the boys weren't invited to the wedding, Tan revealed that Tom did ask him for advice on what he should wear on the big day. Tom reached out to the squad via Twitter and Tan told him to go with the suit that he bought for him as part of his Queer Eye makeover.

And he did! Look at way the length of those trousers HIT. Tom is serving you tailored REALNESS. Tan France's impact! Yas! Work!

Watch the full interview with Queer Eye's Tan France above.

Queer Eye season two is available to stream on Netflix right now - and be warned, it's gonna make you cry WAY more than season one.