Rebelde season 2: Release date, cast, spoilers and news about the Netflix show

10 January 2022, 17:28

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By Sam Prance

Will there be a Rebelde season 2 on Netflix? Here's everything you need to know about the future of the 2022 reboot.

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Rebelde is Netflix's latest hit drama and there is already a huge demand for a second season of the addictive Mexican show.

Fans of Rebelde will no doubt already know that the series is a reboot of the 2004 series of the same name. It even features some of the same cast members. Set at the prestigious music academy, EWS, the hit show follows a brand new group of talented students who've entered the school's Music Excellence Program as they compete to outshine each other.

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Rebelde season 1 ends with a massive twist, so, naturally, fans want more. With that in mind, here's everything you need to about Rebelde season 2, including the release date, cast, spoilers, trailer and news about the future of the show.

When does Rebelde season 2 come out?

Rebelde season 2: Release date, cast, spoilers and news about the Netflix show
Rebelde season 2: Release date, cast, spoilers and news about the Netflix show. Picture: Netflix

Will there be a Rebelde season 2?

Yes. Just days after season 1 came out Netflix took to Twitter to confirm that Rebelde would be back for a second season. On January 9, Netflix Brasil tweeted: "Com esse hino eu venho anunciar que a segunda temporada de Rebelde está confirmada!" This means: "With this anthem, we announce that Rebelde season 2 is confirmed!"

Given that the original show had three seasons, it's possible that there are already plans to continue the show beyond season 2.

When is the Rebelde season 2 release date?

There's no Rebelde season 2 release date for now. However, Netflix usually release new seasons of their shows annually. Taking this into consideration, Rebelde season 2 could come out as soon as January 2023, if it's renewed.

It's likely that Rebelde season 2 would contain eight episodes just like Rebelde season 1.


Will there be a Rebelde season 2 on Netflix?
Will there be a Rebelde season 2 on Netflix? Picture: Netflix

Who is in the Rebelde season 2 cast?

When Rebelde returns, we reckon that all of the main cast will be back. In other words, you can expect to see Azul Guaita (Jana), Sergio Mayer Mori (Estéban), Franco Masini (Luka), Jerónimo Cantillo (Dixon), Lizeth Selene (Andi), Andrea Chaparro (MJ), Giovanna Grigio (Emilia), Alejandro Puente (Sebas) and Estefanía Villarreal (Celina) all again.

Rebelde's supporting cast will likely all come back too alongside some brand new actors. For example, it's possible that Luka's father's secret son will play a central role in season 2.

What will happen in Rebelde season 2?

As it stands, the cast and crew are remaining tight-lipped about what will happen next in Rebelde. However, given that we now know that Luka's father has a secret lovechild, it seems likely that a lot of the plot will revolve around who that it is and how they fit into the world of EWS.

Also, with La Logia's secret now exposed, and Sin Nombre just winning Battle of the Bands, plenty of shocking drama and showstopping performances await us.

Is there a Rebelde season 2 trailer?

Netflix are yet to release a Rebelde season 2 trailer. We shall update you as soon as there is one.

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