A Second Character Got Shot In The Riverdale Finale And Everyone Is Freaking Out

12 May 2017, 11:27 | Updated: 12 May 2017, 14:49

Riverdale Finale
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith


After 13 episodes of pure torture (too soon, Jason?) Riverdale has finally concluded with an explosive finale. And we mean that in the most literal way possible. The cast were not lying when they said you would need to lie down after watching this episode. It did leave us with more annoying questions than answers but it was LIT none the less. 

But we need to talk about what happened right at the end and what will quite probably be the launch point for the second season's mystery. 

Once again, we have to warn you, there are ~SPOILERS~ below this gif of Archie. Very big spoilers. Ones that you don't wanna read unless you've watched the last episode. So if you're ready, scroll on down for the big reveal. 


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As the episode draws to a close, we see Archie head to Pop's to meet his dad for some breakfast. He heads off to wash his hands and while he's doing so, there's a commotion going on in the dining hall. Archie heads outside to investigate and he finds Pop being held at gunpoint by a robber. Fred gets up to try and help but just as he steps up, the robber goes to shoot him, sees Archie lunge towards Fred and the robber pulls the trigger. 

But it's not Archie that takes the bullet. It's Fred who threw himself in front of Archie. And the last scene of the episode is Fred lying in a pool of blood with his head in Archie's lap - and no one knows if he makes it out alive.

The CW

Everyone is absolutely FUMING about the traumatic cliffhanger. 







There's already tons of theories about who's responsible. 






All we know is... out of all the parents on Riverdale, Fred Andrews was the one that deserved better.


We guess the shooting, or please don't make us say it... murder... of Fred Andrews will be the premise of the second season along with that massive baby bombshell that was revealed in the Cooper household. We're already sweating about it. 

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