There's Gonna Be A Wedding On "Riverdale" And Jughead Is Wearing A Kilt

27 June 2017, 11:56

Riverdale Wedding
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

WARNING: This post features Cole Sprouse wearing a kilt. You're welcome.

Filming has begun on the first three episodes of the second season on location in Vancouver and pictures have been surfacing across the internet of the cast hard at work. First there was a snap of the cast's table read without Luke Perry (Fred Andrews), then Luke was spotted in the background of a behind the scenes pic and now there's some solid gold evidence that Fred is potentially back in business (for now...)

Yesterday (June 26), a few eagle-eyed sleuths in the area spotted the cast shooting a wedding scene in a park and it looks like Archie and Veronica will be "tying the knot" in what is probably going to be a pretty terrifying dream sequence. 

Camila Mendes aka Veronica was spotted wearing a gorgeous wedding dress. Betty, Josie and Cheryl all seem to be appearing as her bridesmaids.


The groom, Archie will be wearing a kilt, along with the rest of the boys. (Is Archie Scottish then? Cool.)


Jason is back from the dead again.


Other wedding guests included Hermione, Alice, Penelope, Mary Andrews, Kevin, Reggie, Val, Melody and even ya boi Pop from the Diner.


Oh... and the gunman who shot Fred. *sweats* 


Obviously, this has got to be some sort of dream sequence, right? Seeing as Jason is alive and well and back in his all white get-up and the fact that there's an ominous appearance of the guy who shot Fred. But whose dreams are they? Is Archie suffering from a bit of PTSD after his dad's shooting? Or is Fred having post-traumatic nightmares on his recovery bed? 

Low-key hoping for the latter to be honest, but let's face it... it's probably Archie's nightmare. #SaveFredAndrews

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