Sarah Hyland Claps Back At Bodyshaming Article In Hilarious Video

3 November 2017, 16:07 | Updated: 4 November 2017, 17:59

Sarah Hyland Claps Back At Bodyshaming Article In
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

The 'Modern Family' actress had the greatest reaction to a recent 'Life & Style' article.

Modern Family star Sarah Hyland has hit back at a magazine that tried to claim she'd had plastic surgery in a truly hilarious Twitter session last night (November 2nd).

Life & Style posted an article focusing on Hyland's face and it's apparent "transformation" over the last few years. The actress has already made very clear in the past that she underwent a kidney transplant due to  kidney dysplasia and any change in her appearance is due to the medication she has been given since then.

Therefore, Sarah of course had to take the magazine to task:

Very well said.

However, pretty soon Life & Style attempted to adjust their original post...and Sarah wasn't having it.


So she decided to make a couple of videos, dragging the mag in truly hilarious fashion:




But, she did also make sure that the poor social media editor knew it wasn't their fault:


Basically, the rule is, don't ever come for Sarah Hyland online. You will lose.


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