The "School of Rock" Reunion Will Make You Feel Older Than The Bible

23 November 2015, 14:22 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

School of Rock Asset

By Victoria Pavlova

Pretty much the crypt keeper, let's be honest.

So something magical happened over the weekend and it made us all put on our "Team 90s Kids" uniforms (yes, it's a club and yes, we have uniforms).

The School of Rock reunion concert...ERMAHGERD. 

Ok, so technically the 10-year reunion gig happened in 2013, soz fam. BUT video footage of the whole shebang has just surfaced this week around the premiere of the SoR musical, and let's just say that things have changed...


Yep. This is what they look like now. Apart from Jack Black (hero, rockstar, legend), how many of these grown a** adults would you recognise on the street?

After you've finished rocking out to the above, let's recap.

This is what Zack Mooneyham (lead guitarist, top hat enthusiast) looked like in 2003.

Paramount Pictures

Same actor (Joey Gaydos), now.

Feeling a little bit dusty? We're not done yet.

Remember adorable control freak/band manager Summer?

Miranda Cosgrove ScreenShot

Paramount Pictures

Miranda Cosgrove, 2015.

When did this happen???

Robert Tsai (Lawrence) then vs now.

I mean... actors age well, ok?

Bottom line: it's been 12 glorious years since School of Rock first came into our lives. How does that make you feel?



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