Shadowhunters fans are fuming over Freeform's "disrespectful" comment about the show's cancellation

17 December 2018, 13:00 | Updated: 17 December 2018, 13:05

By Katie Louise Smith

During a screening of Toy Story, Freeform appeared to poke fun at the #SaveShadowhunters campaign - and fans are not happy.

If there's one group of stans you don't wanna fight, it's the Shadowhunters stans and it sounds like Freeform just found that out the hard way after airing what appeared to be a pretty shady dig at the fanbase's #SaveShadowhunters campaign.

In June, the network announced that it would be ending the show after 3 seasons, due to economic reasons. Since the show's cancellation the fandom have launched #SaveShadowhunters, a campaign that aims to get the series renewed by streaming services like Netflix or Amazon.

The fans have also managed to raise thousands of dollars for charities such as The Trevor Project and GirlUp. They even banded together to hire a plane and have it fly over Netflix HQ with a banner reading "#SaveShadowhunters" and rented billboard space in New York City and Seoul to promote their campaign.

Despite the passionate online support for the show, the fandom now think they're being mocked by Freeform, who appeared to rub even more salt into the wound with a "disrespectful" comment about the campaign.

Shadowhunters fans are calling out Freeform for a shady reference to the show's cancellation
Shadowhunters fans are calling out Freeform for a shady reference to the show's cancellation. Picture: Freeform/Twitter

It all started on Saturday night, when Freeform aired a “POPnKnowledge” version of Toy Story. During the movie, a bunch of trivia pop-ups (appeared on screen alongside one that appeared to throw direct shade at the entire #SaveShadowhunters campaign.

In the movie, there's a scene where Woody shakes the Magic 8-ball and it gives him an answer of "don't count on it." Just before the 8-ball gives Woody his answer, a pop up appeared on screen reading: "Will Freeform save Shadowhunters if I keep tweeting about it?"

Watch the pop up in the clip below:

Of course, the quip has riled up fans who have been expressing their wishes for the show to continue and they're absolutely fuming about it.

Freeform has declined to comment on the "disrespectful" shade thrown at the campaign but production sources have said that the the trivia pop-up referencing Shadowhunters' cancellation was "a mistake".

Shadowhunters will return on February 25, 2019, with the second part of the third season.

Keep fighting Shadowhunters stans! You're all doing amazing, sweeties.