SpongeBob fans are fuming over the 'Sweet Victory' Super Bowl halftime show tribute

4 February 2019, 16:23

By Katie Louise Smith

"SpongeBob introducing Sicko Mode instead of playing Sweet Victory has literally been the biggest disappointment of my life."

Just when you thought SpongeBob was finally about to get his long awaited Super Bowl halftime show glo-up alongside Adam Levine and the rest of Maroon 5, in comes Travis Scott to steal his thunder. Now, everyone is absolutely fuming about it and the memes are getting a bit spicy.

Following the tragic passing of SpongeBob creator Stephen Hillenburg, more than one million fans signed a petition for 'Sweet Victory' from the Bubble Bowl episode, "Band Geeks," to be played in his honour. Fans have been trying to get a performance of the song added to the Super Bowl for years and this year, this blessed year of 2019, it finally happened... ish.

SpongeBob's Super Bowl performances was interrupted by Travis Scott's Sicko Mode
SpongeBob's Super Bowl performance was cut short by Travis Scott. Picture: Jeff Kravitz / Contributor, Nickelodeon

Fans were already expecting something SpongeBob related to happen during the show, especially since Maroon 5 included a very very brief clip of SpongeBob in their announcement video.

After the first couple of songs from Adam Levine and the boiz, the screen cut to the iconic Bubble Bowl scene. SpongeBob and Squidward rocked up in their band uniforms to introduce a “true musical genius” but instead of the introduction going on to see SpongeBob perform 'Sweet Victory', Travis Scott popped out of nowhere for his performance of 'Sicko Mode'.

Yes, 'Sweet Victory' was ~interrupted~ by 'Sicko Mode' and eeeeeeeeeeeeveryone is pressed.

Some people actually loved it though... and to be fair, the transition from that introduction to 'Sicko Mode' was actually brilliant.

Despite the disappointed reactions from (almost) everyone online, the actual team behind SpongeBob were thrilled that they were included in the legendary Half Time performance.

In a reply to a tweet from the NFL, the official account wrote: "So honored and humbled! Thankful for being included and for all our fellow sea creatures"

While it wasn't what many fans hoped for, it was something. And something is better than nothing, right? RIGHT?! Right.