Stranger Things fan divorced husband after falling for Dacre Montgomery catfish

17 August 2023, 11:36

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By Sam Prance

McKayla, a single mother from Kentucky, sent the person pretending to be Dacre Montgomery almost $10,000.

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A Stranger Things fan named McKayla has revealed that she left her husband for someone catfishing as Dacre Montgomery.

Dacre Montgomery, who is best known for playing Billy on Stranger Things, has been in a relationship with model Liv Pollock since 2017. Nevertheless, McKayla, a mother from Kentucky, was catfished by a scammer pretending to be Dacre. Over the course of a year, McKayla got a divorce from her husband and sent the person she thought was Dacre nearly $10,000.

Now, McKayla has opened up about the scamming incident and how it happened in an episode of Catfished on YouTube.

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Stranger Things fan left her husband for a man catfishing as Dacre Montgomery
Stranger Things fan left her husband for a man catfishing as Dacre Montgomery. Picture: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Catfished via YouTube

In the video, McKayla explains that she met the fake "Dacre" in an online forum specifically for creatives. She says: "We hit it off, but of course I'm suspicious from the get go until he starts doing things that make me believe that he is who he is."

McKayla says she was convinced that it was Dacre when he teased that his character, Billy, would return to Stranger Things in the 'Dear Billy' episode of season 4. She says: "And he showed up in that episode. I was like, well, who else would know that?" The scammer also sent McKayala poems in the style of Montgomery's 2020 poetry collection DKMH: Poems.

The fake "Dacre" also told McKayla that his girlfriend Liv Pollock was "controlling" and he was close to breaking up with her. McKayla says that she empathised because her husband was "toxic". The scammer claimed that Liv was in control of his bank accounts. This led McKayla to send the scammer nearly $10,000 in total.

When the scammer told McKayla to choose between him and her husband, McKayla left her husband.

Victim Divorces Husband For Stranger Things Romance Scammer!

In the video, McKayla says: "If you're someone like me, you're afraid of abandonment and you're a real big people pleaser and you're very co-dependent. These scammers, they just kind of come in and they leech off that."

As it stands, the scammer in question is yet to be caught and the real Dacre has not commented on the incident. We will keep you posted with any updates.

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