There's A "Stranger Things" Themed Nightclub And It's Everything You've Ever Dreamed Of

4 October 2016, 13:36 | Updated: 7 November 2017, 16:50

Stranger Things Club Night
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

It's gonna turn your world Upside Down!

Do you like Stranger Things? Are you over 18? Do you like spending extended periods of time on sweaty dance floors while dancing to the finest 80's anthems? Do you live in the UK? If you've said yes to all of the above, then boy have we got the perfect Halloween party for you. If you said no to one or more, sorry about it! We'll document it all on Snapchat so you don't miss out.  

Behold, the themed nightclub "Strangest Things" that is currently touring the UK in time for Halloween.


It's already been endorsed by these two iconic kids who aren't even old enough to look at a bottle of alcohol let alone promote nightclubs so you know it's gonna be LIT.  


What type of music are they spinning, you ask? Well, it's all the tracks from Jonathan Byers' mixtape of course.


They've even sleuthed Barb's playlist if you wanna catch some 80's feels...


There's also Steve Harrington's Pool Party bangers and Chief Hopper's Drive time anthems to spice up your Friday night.


But we all know the only song we wanna jam to on Halloween night...



There's even a shrine to Barb where you can pay your respects and pour one out for our fallen hero.


And in case you were wondering... yes, fancy dress is seriously encouraged. 


Wanna go? Grab your squad and book your tickets! (And flights to the UK if you have to!)


If you do end up going, please be responsible and do not leave on your own. Whatever you do, do not end up sitting on a diving board in your friends' back garden with a blood wound. Don't be like Barb. As much as we love her, please learn from her mistakes. Peace.