What Do The Emojis On "Stranger Things" Twitter Account Mean?

4 October 2017, 16:49 | Updated: 7 November 2017, 16:48

Stranger Things Emojis
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Sunflower. Mouth Breather. Rainbow. Arrows. More Arrows. 450.

We don't know if you've noticed this, but over the past few weeks, the Stranger Things twitter account has been posting clips of the first season alongside very VERY suspicious looking emojis. References to the emojis have also been edited into those short clips. It's weird AF.

The account hasn't added any new emojis for a while now but no one understands what the HECK is going on. So we decided to investigate it. 

Here's the sequence in all it's glory.


But what does it mean? Absolutely no one on Twitter seems to have clue either.


So, we thought we'd sit down in a dark room filled with smoke and mood lighting to discuss what the bloody hell these emojis could mean in relation to the storylines and characters in the new season. There seems to be two parts to the sequence. Six emojis going left and seven emojis going right and meeting in the middle (the Upside Down?) So let's investigate part one, shall we? 

Starting with the sunflower, which is clearly the Demogorgon.

As we saw in season one, when the Demogorgon opens it's mouth to consume its next victim, it turns into a glamorous flower shaped creature and judging by this tweet from the official Twitter account, 'Flower Face' is now an official nickname.


Next up, the Blowing emoji and the Rainbow emoji?

While it'd be pretty cool to include an LGBTQ+ character on the show, we doubt this is in reference to Will's coming out as fans have suggested. It'd be a safe bet to assume the Blowing emoji paired with the Rainbow emoji is in reference to a huge storm that will introduce the giant Demogorgon in the sky.


What about those three arrows?

Some fans think the arrows might be a secret cheat code that the boys have used while playing video games that'll eventually help them defeat that giant Demogorgon in the sky, but what if the arrows actually represented people? If we assume that the place where the arrows meet is the portal, then what three things could be coming out of the Upside Down? (Will - even though he's already out, Eleven and *sighs* Barb?)


Other fans think that the arrows, which have also popped up in strategic places on videos posted by Stranger Things on Twitter all point to places where the portal to the Upside Down has been - the school and the wall in Joyce's house - which would also mean that everything in the upside is heading for the portal and is ready to spill out into the real world.


Now for part two, but this time, we'll start from the far right and work our way into the middle because that's what professional sleuths do, ok? If you've been paying attention to the posters and artwork that Netflix have been putting out for the new season, there may be a big visual clue as to what this half might actually mean. 

Let's start with '450'.

It's not just a random number. In season one, Hopper and Joyce set off down a road, the 450, out of Hawkins to look for answers in regards to Will's disappearance. 


So if the '450' is the road out of Hawkins, what do the four arrows mean?

Well, those arrows are pointing to the left suggesting whoever is taking the 450 out of Hawkins is heading towards the Demogorgon and whatever is in the sky. And it just so happens that there are four arrows, just as there is four boys on the promotional poster for season two. Are Lucas, Dustin, Mike and Will (the four arrows) all on their way TOWARDS the danger to try and figure out how to put a stop to it all? 


What do YOU think the emojis mean, seeing as the Stranger Things twitter account won't tell us a word? Send us your thots and we'll see if any of us are right when the season drops on October 27.