15 Unnatural Facts About "Supernatural" That You Probably Didn't Even Know

30 August 2016, 16:04 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Uhhh... Did you know Dean was originally meant to be covered in tattoos?!

With Season 12 soon approaching, it's safe to say that we think we know EVERYTHING there is to know about Supernatural. But we bet a few of these nuggets of trivia had escaped your mind...

1) Supernatural was originally supposed to be called "Unnatural".

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2) Papa Winchester is only 12 years older than Dean in real life. 

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Yup, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is barely old enough to be Jensen Ackles' Dad.

3) Jensen originally auditioned to play Sam Winchester.

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He almost won the role until Jared Padalecki walked in and swept it out from under his feet. The producers asked Jensen if he would like to play Dean, and he said yes. Phew! 

4) And before he played Sam, Jared had just finished playing a character in the "Gilmore Girls" named Dean.

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Yep, the infamous "perfect first boyfriend" Dean Forester. Ugh.

4) There's a special clock that shows up in ~almost~ every episode.

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You've probably seen it before but never even registered that it's the same clock. It's called the 'Starburst Clock' and it's been spotted in diners, businesses, other people's houses and even hotel rooms.

5) The show was only planned to last 5 seasons which is why the season 5 finale was entitled "Swan Song".

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Creator Eric Kripke later stated that he was "looking at this season as the [last] chapter in this particular story," and "that doesn't mean there can't be a new story." Phew! Styled that one out perfectly.

6) There's a rumour that the name "Winchester" was influenced by a famous haunted mansion in California.

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The Winchester Mystery House was built by Sarah L. Winchester in the 1880s. After the deaths of her husband and daughter, a medium told her the house was cursed by spirits who wanted to kill her in vengeance for her husband's wrong doings. Supernatural indeed... 

7) Many of the episodes are named after classic rock songs that all reference a particular theme of the episode.

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You'll find Johnny Cash, The Rolling Stones and The Who. There are also seven episodes named after Led Zeppelin songs and albums - 'cause it's Dean's favourite band, obvz!

8) They also borrow episode titles from the titles of classic movies too!

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Season 2's "The Usual Suspects" even borrows the films' flashback and narration format as Sam and Dean tell their story. 

9) In the original draft, Dean was supposed to have LOTS of tattoos, but the show's budget couldn't allow it.

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*cries in spanish*

10) The role of Ruby was originally written for Kristen Bell but she passed on it. 

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Katie Cassidy was cast instead. And then replaced by Genevieve Padalecki, Jared's wife.

11) The original concept for the show had a reporter going to investigate the urban legends and writing about them in his column. 

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Yep, it had absolutely NOTHING to do with the Winchester Brothers. (Thank *CASTIEL* they changed their minds!)

12) The female names used by the siren that Dean and Sam encounter are all after Disney Princesses.

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There was Jasmine, Belle, Aurora and Ariel!

13) The first season had a budget of $200,000 - including set, costume and wages. 

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*shakes fist* That's peanuts! They should have done a kick starter for Dean's tattoo fund! 

14) On a few rare occasions, the same location has been used as the back-drop to other settings in a bunch of episodes. 

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Remember the Riverview Hospital which was used as the main set in Season 1’s Asylum? The building was also used in other episodes as a prison and an apartment building! (It's also been seen in Once Upon A Time and Smallville.)

15) Jensen Ackles *reportedly* turned down the role of Hawkeye in The Avengers due to his commitment to Supernatural.

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He was also apparently in the running to play Captain America but then again, so were 700 Hollywood actors. Well damn, Jensen. That's some commitment!