Supernatural's Spanish dub leaves fans shook after Dean says he loves Castiel

26 November 2020, 11:38

Supernatural cast make emotional announcement about the show's final season

By Sam Prance

Supernatural fans think Dean saying "Yo a ti, Cas" proves he reciprocated Castiel's love and Misha Collins has addressed it.

A new version of Castiel and Dean's final scene in Supernatural has just aired in Latin America and Dean says: "Yo a ti, Cas".

Earlier this month (Nov 5), Supernatural broke the internet after it appeared to confirm that Destiel is really canon. In Castiel's last scene, he sacrifices himself to save Dean and tells him "You changed me, Dean. I love you." before dying. Misha Collins, who plays Castiel, later confirmed that Castiel was making his own homosexual declaration of love to Dean in that moment.

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In the scene that aired in the US, Dean asks Castiel not to sacrifice himself but, in the Spanish version, he says something completely different and fans think that it confirms that Dean was gay or bisexual and that he loved Castiel romantically.

Is Dean gay in Supernatural? What does 'Yo a ti' mean?

Supernatural's Spanish dub shows Dean saying Yo a Ti Cas
Supernatural's Spanish dub shows Dean saying Yo a Ti Cas. Picture: The CW

Throughout Supernatural, Dean has multiple relationships with women but fans have long suspected that he was in love with Castiel too. In the Spanish version of Dean and Castiel's last scene together, it's dubbed so that Dean says: "Yo a ti, Cas" in response to Castiel's confession. "Yo a ti" directly translates to "me too" or "I do too" and, in this case, "I love you too."

In other words, the Spanish scene implies that Dean reciprocated Castiel's love and that he was bisexual or queer. Fans are even speculating that Jensen Ackles said "I love you too" as Dean in the original English version of the Supernatural script and that it was edited by The CW. With that in mind, many viewers are upset that it never aired and calling out The CW.

Noticing the controversy online, Misha Collins took to Twitter to address it. He wrote: "I’m seeing a lot of commentary on the ending of #SPN & the recent Spanish dub & am disheartened to see there are a lot of misconceptions that are making many in our family feel unheard & unsupported, so I’m calling a #SPNFamily meeting to sort a few things out for the record."

He added: "There was no conspiracy within the network, staff, or cast of #SPN to minimize or erase representation from the narrative & there was no alternate ending to 15.18. Dean was always too stunned in the moment to reply. (Apparently a rogue translator penned their own dialogue.)"

Noticing that some people were still upset, Misha tweeted: "I'm sorry if I spoke defensively. I naively thought Cas in 15.18 was going to feel validating. But this isn't about me. I'm going to shut up and listen for a change. If it's not too much to ask, please tell me what we could have done better."

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