Will This Trans iPhone Film Change Hollywood Forever?

13 November 2015, 15:08 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09


By Victoria Pavlova

Actual game changer tho.

Attention, internet. Tangerine, the movie, is now out in cinemas in the UK and US and we are all itching to see, review and then talk our friends' ears off about it. 

This is (as far as Google can tell us), the first feature-length film to be shot entirely on iPhones. It's been a long time coming, but we can finally say it. This has happened. Welcome to the future. But that's not the only reason to watch the s**t out of Tangerine. 

The Sean Baker-directed flick is this year's indie hopeful. It conquered Sundance 2015 and is about to take over the world, as far as we're concerned. Although it doesn't tell you much about the plot, the trailer is so Tumblr, it might blow your mind. 

The premise: Sin-Dee, fresh out of prison, meets up with Alexandra at a Hollywood cafe, where she finds out her boyfriend has found himself a side chick. The two then embark on a mission to get back at him. Adventures ensue. 

It's already being hyped left and right, for representing trans characters, who (let's be honest) still don't get nearly enough screen time. Orange Is the New Black can only do so much. But Tangerine is a self-professed genuine look at life as a trans woman in Hollywood and the kind of s**t that goes down off camera. We're all about more representation and the striking visuals of this are what really won us over. 


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