Will there be a Teen Wolf sequel? Creator teases another movie or spin-off

27 January 2023, 17:24

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By Sam Prance

Teen Wolf fans want a Teen Wolf: The Movie sequel and Tyler Posey says that the cast want to do one too.

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Teen Wolf has officially returned with Teen Wolf: The Movie. Will there be a sequel though or is this the end of the franchise?

Teen Wolf is back and fans are losing it over the brand new movie. Not only is Scott McCall living his best werewolf life again but Allison Argent is alive and there are plenty more surprises in store for fans. Not to mention, there's a shock death that's left the entire fandom in mourning. 12 years since the show debuted and the demand for Teen Wolf is higher than ever.

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Naturally, fans want a sequel. With that in mind, here's what the creator and the cast have said about Teen Wolf's future.

Will there be a Teen Wolf: The Movie sequel?

Will there be another Teen Wolf movie? Tyler Posey says the cast want to do a sequel
Will there be another Teen Wolf movie? Tyler Posey says the cast want to do a sequel. Picture: Paramount+

Back in 2022, Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis told San Diego Comic-Con that they were already considering how to make more Teen Wolf projects after the movie comes out. However, that will all come down to how popular the movie is and what fans want. He said: "There is discussion of doing more. That depends on you guys - everybody sign up for Paramount+."

Discussing the movie more recently with SFX, Jeff said that it's "basically season seven all in one movie". He added: "It was trying to give the fans big moments, tear-jerking moments and funny moments, while giving them throwbacks to what the show was." However, he remained tight-lipped about whether or not a spin-off or sequel is in the works yet.

Meanwhile, Tyler Posey has teased that both he and the cast are eager to do more. He told Distractify: "It's something we fantasize about with each other. We're kind of talking about if we have another movie, we start brainstorming and kind of getting ideas together."

Tyler then continued: "But you know as much as we do. There's nothing set in stone just yet. Hopefully, the fans love this movie and we get the green light to do more."

Is Allison alive in Teen Wolf: The Movie?
Is Allison alive in Teen Wolf: The Movie? Picture: Paramount+

Teen Wolf: The Movie ends with Derek dying and his son Eli joining Scott's pack and embracing his identity as a werewolf. It also reveals that Stiles and Lydia broke up and sees Scott and Allison get back together. With this in mind, there's plenty of material to work with for a new sequel, series or spinoff.

A new film or series could focus on Eli's new life as a teen wolf with Scott as his mentor. It could also see them work as a duo to try and bring Derek back from the dead. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly about Derek's death, Jeff said: "It's Teen Wolf. People can always come back."

Meanwhile, Dylan O'Brien has previously said that even though he chose not to come back for the movie, he is open to returning to the franchise in the future. In other words, Stiles and Lydia could get back together in a future movie.

What do you think? Would you like more Teen Wolf?

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