Where are Tell Me Who I Am brothers Alex and Marcus Lewis now?

21 October 2019, 18:54

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Alex and Marcus Lewis told the harrowing story of their childhood in the emotional new Netflix documentary Tell Me Who I Am. But where are Alex and Marcus Lewis now in 2019?

Where are Tell Me Who I Am's Alex and Marcus Lewis now? Netflix's heartbreaking documentary Tell Me Who I Am tells the story of twins, Alex and Marcus Lewis, whose lives are changed forever when Alex is involved in a motorcycle accident at the age of 18.

Warning: Major spoilers for Tell Me Who I Am below.

With Marcus' help, Alex relearns everything in his life, from how to ride a bike to who their own mother is. But Marcus is hiding a horrifying family secret. In the documentary, we watch as Marcus finally reveals the extent of the sexual abuse they suffered as children at the hands of their own mother.

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Alex and Marcus Lewis
Alex and Marcus Lewis. Picture: Neflix/Screenshot

For decades, Marcus keeps the truth from his brother, even after the deaths of both of their parents. When all is revealed in the documentary, we see just how strong the bond is between the two brothers as they confront the reality of their heartbreaking childhood.

Alex and Marcus have shared something that they've been grappling with for decades but where are they now, years after the motorcycle accident that changed their lives?

Where are Alex and Marcus Lewis Now in 2019?

Alex and Marcus Lewis published a book in 2013 with Joana Hodgkin about their experience called Tell Me Who I Am but Alex did not get the full truth about their upbringing until they filmed the documentary.

As they mentioned in the documentary, they are both married with two kids each who are around the same age. Marcus' children are 10 and 12 and Alex's children are 9 and 13, according to Decider.

“We live very fulfilled lives. We’re busy in our jobs, we run our company together, and we run everything together that we do—always have," Alex told Decider.

2019 Hamptons International Film Festival - Day Two
2019 Hamptons International Film Festival - Day Two. Picture: Getty

The brothers run a luxury resort called Fundu Lagoon off the coast of East Africa, on Pemba Island. However, England is still home base for both of them. Marcus lives in London and Alex lives just outside of the capital city.

In the interview with Decider, Marcus revealed that the documentary's release on Netflix made them "quite nervous".

“We were nervous at first. But we’re starting to be quite proud. We don’t feel we’ve made a movie about sexual abuse—we hope we haven’t anyway. We think we made a movie about love.”

Audiences have found the documentary deeply moving and heartbreaking.

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