Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson spill their most embarrassing memories | PopBuzz Meets

14 June 2019, 13:16

By Katie Louise Smith

Which embarrassing memories would Men in Black: International co-stars Chris and Tessa like to neuralyze the most? Dancing With The Stars springs to mind, apparently...

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson are the most iconic duo. Anyone who says otherwise will be neutralised and thrown in jail. (Just kidding, but not really...)

Yes! Everyone's favourite Asgardian duo Chris and Tessa have teamed up once again to play secret agents in Men In Black: International and, let me tell you, they snapped.

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PopBuzz sat down with the cast mates to talk all things MIB, whether or not they picked up any English quirks while they shot the film in the UK, (we're still holding you to that lunch at Greggs, guys. Please don't hesitate to get in touch) and even elaborated on what remakes they would like to work on together next.

Tessa recently spoke about the rumours she started about her wanting to remake The Bodyguard with Chris (but with Chris as international superstar and her as the bodyguard, obviously) but Chris' ideas for their next team up are...well, let's just say they're interesting.


His first suggestion? The Fast and The Furious. (It was a firm no from Tessa on that one. Sad!)

His second suggestion? The Princess Bride. (A resounding "yes!" from Tessa!)

His third suggestion? The Neverending Story - but he's playing Falkor, the big dog thing. (Honestly, it's got box office hit written all over it.)

Chris and Tessa also spill the tea on what embarrassing memory they would neuralyze from their minds if they got the chance - but instead of eliminating one of their own, we let them get rid of one of each others.

"His stint on Dancing With The Stars," said Tessa. "But I don't agree! I loved the way that your hips move. I think it's bold that you put yourself out there." SAME, TESSA. SAME. Long live the Hemsworth DWTS footage!

Men In Black: International is in cinemas June 14th.