Patricia Arquette roasts troll who says Joey King looks "terrible" as Gypsy Rose in The Act

3 April 2019, 17:43 | Updated: 3 April 2019, 17:44

By Sam Prance

Patrica Arquette and Joey King have no time for The Act viewers criticising Gypsy's looks...

Patricia Arquette has roasted a troll on Twitter for saying that Joey King "looks terrible" as Gypsy Rose in The Act.

The Act introduces Gypsy Rose's boyfriend Scott but the true story is even darker

The Act may have only recently debuted on Hulu (Mar 20) but it's already become one of the most critically acclaimed series of the entire year so far. Viewers are transfixed by Joey King and Patricia Arquette's incredible performances as Gypsy Rose and Dee Dee Blanchard. Gypsy is a real life woman who killed her mother Dee Dee in 2015, after being tricked into thinking she suffered from many sever illnesses for years on end.

Recently a troll criticised Joey's appearance in The Act on Twitter and Patricia quickly put them in their place.

The Act: Joey King and Patricia Arquette drag troll who says Gypsy Rose "looks terrible"
The Act: Joey King and Patricia Arquette drag troll who says Gypsy Rose "looks terrible". Picture: Corey Nickols/Getty Images // Hulu

Last week (Mar 26), Joey shared a trailer for a new episode of The Act on Twitter. A fan of hers then commented: "I honestly hate your new movie it makes u look too too teirrble". Given Gypsy's story and the fact that Joey King is an actress playing a character, it goes without question that this kind of comment is out of line. Ever the queen, Joey's co-star and on screen mum Patricia swiftly dragged them.

Patricia tweeted back: "She’s an actor not your Barbie. She is an artist and should be able to explore her art as she sees fit. Girls are not just objects of beauty." Incredible. We couldn't have put it better ourselves. Better yet, Joey also got in on the action: "And THIS is why Patricia Arquette is my favorite person I’ve ever worked with. No matter what, she has my back and I have hers". Our hearts.

Check out the interactions below.

We stan these two women so much. Not only are Joey and Patricia both incredible in and out of The Act but they also have no time for anyone, fans or trolls, trying to bring them down with anti-feminist bullshit. Joey doesn't look "terrible" in The Act. She is just taking on a role and doing it incredibly well, like many of the best actors do. We cannot wait to see what she does next.

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