There's A Huge Photoshop Fail On Bella Thorne's New Movie Poster, But Can You Spot It?

23 October 2017, 12:51

bella thorne the babysitter
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

The promo for 'The Babysitter' on Netflix has a couple of problems that fans have spotted online.

Netflix's latest original movie offering The Babysitter, starring Bella Thorne, has been getting a lot of fans excited ever since its recent release, with its promise of "human sacrifice with hot people".

However, one eagle-eyed streamer discovered a pretty huge mistake in the movie's online presence - notably in the hands of the title character.

Reddit user moofthestoof spotted that in the picture posted to Netflix's landing page, the babysitter appears to have two right hands:


No wonder she's struggling to make that sandwich. Must be a nightmare.

But hey, don't worry Netflix - the movie is about a satanic cult and human sacrifice right? Well, what's more satanic than somebody who can change the number of right hands they own at any given time? That's just plain demonic! So style it out and say it was intentional.

The Babysitter is streaming on Netflix worldwide now.

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