The Crown viewers are thirsting over John Major and I blame Jonny Lee Miller

11 November 2022, 15:46

By Sam Prance

John Major is The Crown season 5's latest unexpected thirst object.

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People are thirsting over John Major in The Crown season 5 and it's all thanks to viewers having a crush on Jonny Lee Miller.

The Crown is no stranger to making viewers find thirst in expected places. Over the course of the past four seasons, people have been shocked to find themselves fawning over the likes of Matt Smith as Prince Philip and Josh O'Connor as Prince Charles. Gillian Anderson's portrayal of Margaret Thatcher has even left some viewers confused over their own desire.

Season 5 is no different. Conservative prime minister John Major is now the latest object of The Crown viewers' affection.

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The Crown viewers are thirsting over John Major and I blame Jonny Lee Miller
The Crown viewers are thirsting over John Major and I blame Jonny Lee Miller. Picture: Netflix

John Major appears throughout The Crown season 5 and is played by '90s heartthrob Jonny Lee Miller. Jonny is best known for his roles in the likes of Trainspotting and Elementary, and his performance as John Major is proving popular among fans of The Crown. So popular in fact that John Major thirst tweets are now going viral on Twitter.

In response to season 5, writer Ash Sarker also tweeted: "Finding hot John Major both distracting and confusing." Another person also wrote: "I knew there was an uncomfortably high risk of fancying Gillian Anderson's Thatcher in The Crown but nothing could have prepared me for sexy John Major."

Someone else added: "This series of #TheCrown is ridiculous. I now fancy John Major because they’ve given the role to Jonny Lee bloody Miller AND Prince Charles because they’ve inexplicably given the role to Dominic West."

As it stands, Jonny Lee Miller is yet to react to the John Major thirst. However, the real-life former prime minister John Major has heavily criticised The Crown ahead of season 5. In a letter to The Telegraph, he wrote that the season "will be profoundly hurtful to a family who are still grieving for the very person on whose life the entire drama was founded".

John Major continued: "Netflix may well take the view that any publicity is good publicity. But I assure them it is not – most especially when it disrespects the memory of those no longer alive. Fiction should not be paraded as fact."

He also called the show "a barrel-load of malicious nonsense".

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