"The Fosters" Has Been Cancelled And Fans Are Absolutely Furious

4 January 2018, 14:17

The Fosters Cancelled
Picture: Freeform

By Katie Louise Smith

A spin-off has already been announced but some fans don't think it's good enough.

We regret to inform you that 2018 is cancelled already because Freeform has just cancelled The Fosters, one of TV's most diverse and important shows.

Back in October, cast members and fans of the show campaigned for the show to be renewed after Freeform failed to announce a sixth season of the show despite it's high ratings. In the five years it's been on air, The Fosters has been one of Freeform's most watched and highest rated shows. In it's fifth season, it came only second to the final season of Pretty Little Liars.

It's now been reported that the show will end on January 30th with season five's finale with a final three episode limited run in the summer of 2018.


The Fosters broke ground on a lot of teen, LGBTQ+ and race issues and was one of the leading shows to do so. The show also won two GLAAD awards in it's five year run. Needless to say, fans of the show are furious that the groundbreaking series has been cancelled.

There is, however, some good news. Despite the cancellation, the show-runners have announced a spin-off of the show starring Callie (Maia Mitchell) and Mariana (Cierra Ramirez).

According to Deadline, the spinoff series will follow Callie and Mariana as they move out to Los Angeles. While living together, they take two very different paths and explore the different sides of the city — Mariana will be involved in the tech world, possibly in Silicon Beach, while Callie will continue the kind of social work she’s done. Original characters from The Fosters will make guest appearances as the series goes on, which includes the parents, Stef and Lena.

The creators of the show thanked the fans for sticking with the show for five years and issued a statement shortly after the cancellation was announced.

“First and foremost, we want to thank our fans – our supportive ‘Fosters Family’ –  and Freeform for fostering this show. It’s been the privilege of our lives to get to shepherd this beautiful family through five seasons of love, laughter, heartbreak, tribulation, and triumph – and message to the world that DNA doesn’t make a family, love does. All while allowing us to explore some of the most pressing social issues of our era. Now that the kids are growing up, it’s time to take them out into the world, to see them make their way into adulthood, continuing their search for identity and love, and the pursuit of their dreams and purpose in this ever changing world.”

The final three episodes of The Fosters will air this summer.