Netflix Drops Terrifying Trailer For New Horror Series 'The Haunting Of Hill House'

20 September 2018, 17:31 | Updated: 20 September 2018, 17:39

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

The spooky new series is headed to Netflix just in time for Halloween.

The trailer for Netflix's The Haunting Of Hill House has arrived and the upcoming show looks absolutely terrifying. Based on the 1959 novel of the same name, by Shirley Jackson, The Haunting of Hill House is headed to Netflix just in time for Halloween.

The 10 episode horror series is set to drop on October 12, and will tell the story of an unsuspecting family who move into a haunted home. The supernatural occurrences that take place in the home have a psychological effect on the youngest members of the family, who are depicted as children in the home and then as adults living with the trauma of their Hill house experience.

You can watch the trailer at the top of the page.

Netflix haunting of hill house screenshot
Picture: Netflix/Screenshot

Per Netflix's synopsis, the adult children who lived in Hill House are "reunited by the suicide of their youngest sister, which forces them to finally confront the ghosts of their own pasts."

Not too long ago, Netflix released first look pics of the upcoming series, including a snapshot of the terrifying home at the heart of this paranormal series.

The Haunting of Hill House
Picture: Steve Dietl/Netflix

The Haunting of Hill House premieres on Netflix Oct. 12, so prepared to be scared.