The Last of Us episode 3 is being review bombed by homophobic fans on IMDb

3 February 2023, 16:33 | Updated: 8 February 2023, 14:36

The Last of Us cast open up about the gay love story in episode 3

By Sam Prance

Over 38,000 people have given 'Long, Long Time' a 1/10 rating on IMDb due to its gay content.

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The Last of Us episode 3 debuted to huge critical acclaim. However, homophobic fans are now review-bombing it on IMDb.

As soon as 'Long, Long Time' aired on HBO, viewers were quick to praise the episode. Set outside of the main Joel and Ellie narrative arc, 'Long, Long Time' explores the lives of Bill and Frank, two people who meet, fall in love and keep each other safe while the world is falling apart. It's tender, it's moving and it's been called "one of the best episodes of TV ever".

Nevertheless, homophobic fans of The Last of Us game aren't happy and they are squandering the episode's IMDb rating.

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The Last of Us episode 3 is being review bombed on IMDb over its gay content
The Last of Us episode 3 is being review bombed on IMDb over its gay content. Picture: HBO

Since the first episode of The Last of Us came out, fans of the game have, for the most part, been happy. The series is a very loyal adaptation of its source material often recreating exact frames from the game. Nevertheless, there are major changes. For example, Tess dies in a different way in the game and Bill and Frank's romance in the game is implied, not shown.

Episodes 1 and 2 of the show currently both have average ratings of 9.2 on IMDb. Meanwhile, episode 3 now has a rating of 7.9 after over 38,000 people rated it with just one star on the platform. One review read: "Again just another instance of the small minority of gay people exerting their influence in Hollywood to push their agenda on the world."

Others wrote: "We spent almost 50 minutes on a romantic story that doesn’t benefit the main story" and "This episode had nothing to do with Last of Us".

In contrast, The Last of Us co-creator Neil Druckmann has praised the episode for allowing him to build on his universe.

The Last of Us episode 3 IMDb rating
The Last of Us episode 3 IMDb rating. Picture: IMDb

Thankfully, it looks like the homophobic critics of episode 3 are a small minority in The Last of Us fandom. The episode has also received more 10/10 reviews than any other The Last of Us episode with over 74,000 in counting.

Let Bill and Frank live (and die) in peace!

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