Everyone Is Losing It Over This Terrifying Trailer For ‘The Nun'

13 June 2018, 17:51 | Updated: 13 June 2018, 18:12

The Nun Trailer
The Nun Trailer. Picture: Warner Bros.

By Sam Prance

Watch this with caution...

Gather round children, there is a brand new horror film in town. 'The Nun' is here and it looks like it could not only be one of the scariest movies of the year but potentially one of the scariest movies of all time. Yes. It's true. Annihilation, A Quite Place and Hereditary have got nothing on this one. 'The Nun' is coming to cinemas this September and it's already terrifying viewers with its tailer alone.

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Starring American Horror Story queen Taissa Farmiga, the upcoming feature is the fifth blockbuster in The Conjuring world. Set in Romania in 1952, 'The Nun' tells the frightening story of Sister Irene (Taissa) and Father Burke (Demián Bichir), as the two of them investigate the suicide of a nun at the Cârta Monastery. All is not as it seems though and the pair soon stumble across spine-chilling secrets that they never could have imagined.

New Line Cinema debuted the first teaser for the film today and it has already become an internet sensation.

We warned you that it is petrifying.

Some people had a calm and considered response.

We agree.

Others were so shaken by the teaser that they almost wet themselves.

Usually we would be judging but it really is that scary.

A couple of people avoided the teaser altogether so as to avoid nightmares.

We wish that we had thought of this.

A few gave The Nun her props as a villain.

We couldn't have described her better ourselves.

Then there were those who were so scared by it that they were almost hospitalised.

Do not view this trailer if you are in a fragile state.

Finally there were viewers who summed it up best with a gif.

God damn.

Seeing as it equally excited and terrified us same time, we decided to make some people in our office watch the trailer and we're pretty sure they're going to have nightmares for the rest of their lives.

LOL sorry everyone!

Sure, it's terrifying. Are we going to be first in line to see it in September? You bet. 'The Nun' comes out September 7th. We wait with bated (nervous as fuck) breath.