Did you notice these mistakes in Netflix's 'The Princess Switch'?

21 November 2018, 21:12 | Updated: 21 November 2018, 21:25

Vanessa Hudgens
Picture: Netflix/Screenshot
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Fans have noticed some mistakes in Vanessa Hudgens' new Netflix movie, 'Princess Switch'. From body double errors to uncovered tattoos, eagle eyed viewers were able to spot a few errors that made the final cut.

Netflix's The Princess Switch is just the latest in the platform's wholesome and festive Christmas programming. Vanessa Hudgens does double duty as Lady Margaret and Stacy DeNovo, two women who bear a striking resemblance to one another and decide to switch lives.

The Princess Switch
Picture: Netflix

As cheesy and family friendly as the film was, audiences couldn't help but notice a few errors in editing that, honestly, just add to the entire experience.

You probably know all about the camera trickery that has to take place when an actor is playing multiple characters who appear on screen together or in the same scene. Their body double has to be the right height, have the exact same hair, and their face CANNOT appear in the same shot as the main actor or the jig is up.

That's why Vanessa Hudgens' body double is probably conflicted about the fact that she made the final cut in the wedding scene toward the end but her face is fully visible.

The Princess Switch body double
Picture: Netflix/Screenshot

When Stacy marries Prince Edward in the final scene, Lady Margaret attends the nuptials but viewers can clearly see Vanessa Hudgens' body double in the crowd.

You could have guessed that not covering up Vanessa Hudgens' IRL tattoo would probably become an editing issue.

Even the best productions occasionally flub the task of covering up tattoos and Vanessa's ink can clearly be seen on both Lady Margaret and Stacy's pinky finger.

Just in case you thought that snowball scene was completely spontaneous, we regret to inform you that some pre-rolled snow balls were accidentally included in the shot.

The Princess Switch Netflix mistakes
Picture: Netflix

Luckily we were able to suspend our disbelief for the duration of the film.

After all, we are talking about a fictional duchess from a fictional country doing a life swap with a person who is inexplicably her exact twin (but they only suspect that they're distantly related). We were just there for a wholesome time. The cute little mistakes were just a bonus.

What do you guys think? What's the funniest movie mistake you've ever seen?