The Bunker Scene In Netflix's 'The Rain' Is Making People STRESSED

10 May 2018, 16:32 | Updated: 10 May 2018, 16:54

The Rain
The Rain. Picture: Netflix
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Haven't these kids heard of closing a goddamn door?

Incase you didn't already know, Netflix have just released a new TV series for us to binge watch called The Rain and it's making everyone pressed.

The post-apocalyptic thriller follows two Danish siblings, Simone and Rasmus, who have spent six years in hiding in a bunker after a terrible virus carried by "the rain" wiped out almost all the humans in Scandinavia.

In the first episode, young Simone and Rasmus are told by their father to stay in the bunker with their mother until he comes back for them. However, when Simone hears someone at the door and assumes it's her father, she lets him in. Their mother, knowing anyone outside will infect their family, runs outside the bunker and tackles the stranger before he can enter, exposing herself to the virus and dying, leaving Simone and Rasmus alone.

Watch the trailer below:


The show is getting great reviews from fans and critics alike, with a healthy 87% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes (at the time of writing) but there's one thing that's getting everyone riled up.

Scan Twitter and there's one question on everyone's lips: WHY DID THE KIDS OPEN THE GODDAMN DOOR?!

I mean...

Here's the tea.


Not to sound like a Daily Mail reader but should we blame the kids or is it the parents fault?


Honestly, I haven't seen Twitter so pressed since Jeff was killed off in 13RW.


The rain of hate just won't let up on these children (sorry).


People are even making SpongeBob memes about it.

Ok, we'll stop now.

I've changed my mind. Let's have one more.

Ok we're done now.

Now we like shouting at the telly just like everyone else but, guys, they are children! Ya'll need to calm down. Children do stupid stuff all the time, including opening the door to a bunker and exposing mothers to deadly viruses. That's just a fact of life and you're going to have to deal with it to enjoy this show. Sorry about it.

And when you're done frothing at the mouth at The Rain, then you should probably check out Safe - which is out today (May 10). It follows a father called Tom whose wife has died and he's bringing up his two daughters. It all hits the fan when his eldest daughter disappears in mysterious circumstances and he realises that in fact he knows nothing about the people closest to him. Judging from the trailer, shit get reals pretty quickly. Check that out below.