Here's who Belly actually ends up with in The Summer I Turned Pretty books

30 June 2022, 15:12 | Updated: 18 July 2022, 15:52

By Sam Prance

Does Belly end up with Conrad or Jeremiah? A guide to what happens in the final The Summer I Turned Pretty book.

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Belly has multiple love interests in The Summer I Turned Pretty on Prime Video but who does she end up with in the books?

The Summer I Turned Pretty fans will no doubt already know that the new series is based on the iconic Jenny Han trilogy of the same name. Just like the series, the books see Belly caught in a love triangle, well square, with three boys vying for her attention. There's Cam, her kind first boyfriend, Conrad, her broody first crush, and Jeremiah, Conrad's carefree brother.

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The first season of The Summer I Turned Pretty introduced us to all three love interests and it's a pretty loyal adaptation of the first book. Who does Belly choose in the final novel though? Here's your extensive guide to how the trilogy ends.


Here's who Belly actually ends up with in The Summer I Turned Pretty books
Here's who Belly actually ends up with in The Summer I Turned Pretty books. Picture: Prime Video

Belly breaks up with Cam midway through season 1 after confessing that she's in love with someone else and, at the end of the season, Jeremiah reveals that he's in love with Belly. Belly begins considering a relationship with Jeremiah. He's set to take her to the debutante ball but, when Jeremiah finds out that his mum Susannah has cancer, Conrad fills in for him.

The season, like the book, ends with Belly and Conrad revealing that they're in love with each other and it looks as though they may finally take a crack at a relationship together. Should the second series stay true to the second book, It's Not Summer Without You, Belly and Conrad will properly date each other going forward.

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However, Susannah dies in the second book and this causes Conrad to pull away from Belly and insist that she be with Jeremiah instead. In the third and final book, We'll Always Have Summer, Belly and Jeremiah start a serious romantic relationship and go to college together.

Things begin well, but at college Jeremiah cheats on Belly at a frat party and she ends things with him. In response, Jeremiah begs Belly to forgive him and he proposes to her. Despite her family's concerns, Belly agrees.

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Does Belly end up with Conrad or Jeremiah in The Summer I Turned Pretty?

Do Belly and Jeremiah end up together?
Do Belly and Jeremiah end up together? Picture: Prime Video

Belly and Jeremiah plan to get married at Susannah's infamous beach home in Cousins. While planning, Belly finds out that Conrad has been living there and it's not long before she realises that she actually loves him. Belly and Jeremiah break up and Belly moves to Spain to study abroad. Conrad then begins writing her romantic letters.

When Belly returns, she and Conrad begin dating again and the book ends with the couple getting married. It rains heavily but Belly and Conrad couldn't care less. They run into the sea with their wedding clothes on, happy to finally be together forever.

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As for Jeremiah, he and Belly decide to be friends and he attends Belly and Conrad's wedding with an unnamed date. We imagine that the series may explore who that is in further depth. Meanwhile, Cam only appears in the first book.

Whether or not the series makes any changes to this storyline going forward remains to be seen.

What do you think? Are you team Conrad or team Jeremiah?

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