‘The Walking Dead’ Fans Threaten To Boycott The Show After Huge Plot Twist Is Revealed

15 June 2018, 14:28

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead. Picture: AMC

By Sam Prance

The series will never be the same again after this happens.

The Walking Dead is one of the most popular television franchises of all time. With eight critically acclaimed seasons, as well as audiences of upwards of 17 million viewers, you would be hard pressed to find a comic book adaptation as beloved as the post-apocalyptic horror series. When it comes to The Walking Dead, fans are ride or die.

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Nevertheless, ratings for the hit drama have been dipping season on season and reviews are slipping. To add insult to injury, people are now threatening to boycott the entire show. Reports surfaced at the end of last month that its lead actor Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) and fan favourite Lauren Cohan (Maggie Greene) are leaving.


According to sources, Rick will be phased out of the show and Maggie will only appear in six more episodes. Unsurprisingly, fans aren't at all pleased with the news. Andrew has helmed the series since it first aired in 2010 and Lauren is part of the fabric of the show. It's hard to imagine what the franchise will be like without both adored stars in it.

An extensive survey was held on The Walking Dead sub-Reddit about the series and one of the questions asked users if they will continue to watch it after Andrew's final appearance. The results were not good. Out of 900 fans, 44% said that they will abandon the show after, 37% were undecided and just 18% said they will still watch.

To make matters even worse, a whopping 72% of fans asked revealed that they think that The Walking Dead should end after Season 9. With Rick out of the picture, Daryl (Norman Reedus) is tipped to replace him as the lead character of the show.


However, it looks like viewers aren't happy about that either. The Reddit survey revealed that 40% of fans want Negan to become the show's protagonist, with Judith second favourite and Daryl only in third place.

Time will only tell if the show manages to maintain its fandom but as it stands things are not looking good. Please excuse us while we attempt to mourn the impending loss of Rick and Maggie.