Where is Too Hot To Handle season 3 filmed? Location of the villa revealed

23 June 2021, 06:00 | Updated: 19 January 2022, 16:51

Too Hot To Handle now streaming on Netflix

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

The third season of the Netflix dating show is filmed in Turks & Caicos on Providenciales island. Here's a glimpse inside the luxury villa.

Are you ready for some sun, sea and sex… abstinence? Of course you are. After becoming our pandemic obsession, Too Hot To Handle is back for Season 3 on January 19 and you're about to be hooked.

As with Season 1, Netflix have scoured the world to find the 10 thirsty singletons who are willing to undergo the ultimate challenge in order to win $100,000. To stand a chance at winning any of the prize fund, all the contestants need to do is abstain from having any sort of sexual contact during their stay. Sounds simple… right?

We've already familiarised ourselves with the Too Hot To Handle Season 3 cast and their ages, and now there's just one thing left to investigate: the luxury accommodation. Season 1 saw the contestants head to Mexico and in Season 2 they filmed in Turks & Caicos. So, let's dive into the new Too Hot To Handle Season 3 filming location.

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Where is Too Hot To Handle Season 3 filmed?

Where is Too Hot To Handle Season 3 filmed?
Where is Too Hot To Handle Season 3 filmed? Picture: Netflix

Too Hot To Handle Season 3 is filmed in Turks & Caicos on Providenciales island. It's the same resort that Season 2 was filmed as the third season started taping shortly after Season 2 wrapped.

Guests will be treated to the finest accommodation at the island's Turtle Tail Estate, whose previous celebrity guests include Rihanna and P Diddy.

The 8,000 square foot villa is truly something with uninterrupted views of the water which seemingly stretches for miles and miles. The property itself has two private beaches, a movie theatre, gym, tennis court, hot tub, bathroom complete with huge stone tub, dressing room, workshop, meditation area (which will no doubt come in handy), 12-seater cabana and an in-house private chef.

And even though contestants on the Netflix series will be forced to share a room to make things just a little bit harder, the villa property actually boasts five/six bedrooms. There's also a private suite available for contestants to really challenge their willpower. This is not going to end well…

The good news is that us viewers don't have to miss out on the Too Hot To Handle fun, either. You can stay at Turtle Tail Estate too for a steal at $10,000 per night. Sadly, the villa is all booked up until 2023.

The Bathroom
The Bathroom. Picture: Netflix
The Bedroom
The Bedroom. Picture: Netflix

Where was Too Hot To Handle Season 1 filmed?

Too Hot to Handle Season 1 was filmed at Casa Tau in Punta Mita, Mexico. The estate boasted 12 guest rooms, three ocean front master suites and one double room. It also has an around-the-clock butler service, gym, pool table, infinity pool and jacuzzi, and a golf course. And just like Turtle Tail Estate, you can book to stay there too. The average daily rate is $12,500 – not including the required $15,000 security deposit.

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