Netflix's Travelers season 3: Ending explained

16 December 2018, 22:25 | Updated: 17 December 2018, 07:55

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Netflix's Travelers season 3 delivered more drama and heart-stopping adventures including the death of more than one major character. All bets were off as the Travelers risked it all to save humanity. New protocols were triggered and characters we'd grown to love were put in mortal danger. In case parts of that shock ending confused you, here is the Travelers season 3 ending explained.

Travelers on Netflix returned for season 3 on December 14 and the team wasted no time diving into brand new adventures and time travel conundrums. After season 2's shock cliffhanger, the team faced even more heart stopping missions, as David, Kat, and Jeff tried to readjust to life after their abductions.

Season 3's ending was bound to leave fans with more questions than answers. Here are some of the most pressing questions fans had about the Travelers season 3 finale.

Warning: Spoilers ahead

What is Protocol Omega?

Protocol Omega is the title of the final episode of Travelers season 3. Protocol Omega refers to The Director's decision to cease interference with the current timeline. The Travelers discuss the possibility that Protocol Omega has been triggered because The Director believes their timeline has been a failure. Omega is the final letter in the Greek alphabet and often used to denote "the end".

As David Mailer is dying, he utters the words "Protocol Omega", leading the team to realise they will no longer receive instructions from The Director.

Trevor explains that "when you consider the amount of potential revisions and possible outcomes, the Director has probably abandoned millions of timelines. Good chance there's a version of us in most of them."

With Traveler 001 successfully able to spread himself across the internet and The Director effectively being blinded by a lack of Archivists in their timeline, The Director likely saw very few successful outcomes from the timeline.

Travelers Netflix season 3
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How did David die?

In season 3 episode 8, David Mailer is recruited by Jeff to help an Archivist who was kidnapped and injured by the faction. While helping her collect blood bags at the Archive, David is shot multiple times. Luckily, there are nanites in the blood bags he is holding and his wounds are repaired while he is unconscious.

In season 3 episode 9, when David wakes, he is surprised to find that he is okay, despite being shot. However, there is a black metal box in the room that had not been there before. When Marcy shows up, they realise that the black box was left by the faction and is related to a spate of nuclear bomb detonations in London and Shanghai.

The rest of the team arrives and Trevor talks David through the process of defusing the bomb. After the bomb is disarmed, Agent MacLaren instructs David to grab the core and throw it on the ground. Through this action, David is exposed to lethal amounts of radiation.

The nanites in David are able to keep him alive for a short time, but The Director does not send help and he dies from the lethal radiation.

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Why did Marcy shoot herself?

When Marcy was reset in season 1, a "backdoor" code was also programmed along with the reset.

In season 3's final episode, Marcy is taken captive by 001 (in Jeff's body) for the code in her head. 001 hopes to use the code to "hack The Director" and permanently disable him. However, before they can force her to give up the code, Marcy shoots herself to deny him the chance.

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Why did Agent MacLaren go back in time? Did MacLaren die?

The team determines that, with the resources they have, they will be able to send MacLaren back in time to before Traveler 001 arrives to the 21st.

When MacLaren arrives in the past, he does not pursue a relationship with Kat (meaning that they never get married), he hands off instructions about Helios, and warns The Director not to send 001 to the 21st. We then see him looking out of the window waiting for the first plane to hit in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

It's not 100% clear whether Agent MacLaren dies in 9/11. The ending is sufficiently vague enough to create a number of possibilities for a potential season 4.

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Will there be a season 4 of Travelers on Netflix?

Following season 2, Netflix took over production on Travelers, meaning the streaming platform alone will decide whether or not to renew the show for another season. Netflix will likely make this decision based on reception and viewing figures.

The ending of Travelers season 3 could reasonably serve as a series finale as well. In the end we see Marcy and David on a bus in this reset "version 2", implying a potential happy ending for two of the series' most beloved characters.

Of course, the ambiguity around the ending creates a potential for more adventures, especially after a drastically altered timeline.

Netflix Travelers season 3 will there be a season 4?
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