21 hilarious Turning Red memes that are even funnier than the film

15 March 2022, 17:28

By Sam Prance

The only things that are as funny as Turning Red are the memes that it's inspired.

Pixar are back with another iconic movie and Turning Red is so great that it's already inspired thousands of hilarious memes.

Turning Red debuted on Disney+ last Friday (Mar 11) to rave reviews. A touching story about puberty, female friendship and a girl who turns into a giant red whenever she's excited or stressed, what more could you want? Not to mention, it also has its very own fictional boyband called 4*Town with amazing original music written by Billie EIlish and her brother Finneas.

Naturally, people all around the world are obsessed with Turning Red and the memes about it will make you laugh out loud. With that in mind, we've scoured the internet and gathered together a selection of the funniest Turning Red memes so far.

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21 hilarious Turning Red memes that are even funnier than the film
21 hilarious Turning Red memes that are even funnier than the film. Picture: Disney+

1) Nothing beats a light-hearted Pixar film.

2) Name a more iconic friendship group. I'll wait.

3) Hands up if you also went through a merman phase.

4) This is for the fanfiction community.

5) Poetry.

6) Song of the year!

7) This is a Jin stan account.

8) This is also an Abby stan account.

9) Say it louder!

10) The details in this film!

11) Yes. I want to eat animated food. And what about it?

12) Friends that thirst together, stick together.

13) We ship Priya and Goth Girl.

14) This is the merch we need!

15) Miriam said: 'NOT ON MY WATCH!'

16) Petition for 4*Town to win a Grammy.

17) Pixar did THAT with the Turning Red animation.

18) 11/10, would read Nightfall.

19) We love Tyler's growth!

20) Ming was prepared!

21) In conclusion...

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