Audition Tapes For Gerard Way's New Netflix Show Have Leaked And It Looks Intense

26 October 2017, 13:48 | Updated: 10 December 2018, 16:04

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James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Initial casting tapes for The Umbrella Academy have been posted online by potential auditionees keen to play the comic book heroes.

Netflix's upcoming adaptation of Gerard Way's comic series The Umbrella Academy has begun pre-production ahead of it's shoot in Toronto early next year and now some early details of which actors are in the frame for the leading roles has been leaked online.

Omega Underground has uncovered several of the audition tapes sent in by actors for parts in the dark superhero series and while we have no word yet on who may get the final casting, it certainly gives you an idea of the rough creative direction Netflix are taking with the story. As Gerard confirmed in our recent interview, it would appear that no big name casting will be taking place, with producers instead hunting for less familiar faces for the series.

So, who is in the frame? What's the dialogue like? Let's rundown some of the initial tapes:


The role of leader of the group, Luther, aka Spaceboy, the part-man, part-gorilla with super-strength is being read for by Ben Thompson, previously seen on Broadway in the cast of Matilda The Musical and in the original cast of Green Day's American Idiot musical. Here he reads dialogue from a key opening scene set at the funeral of The Umbrella Academy's father figure, Reginald Hargreeves aka The Monocle.

Up for the same part, Skyler Maxon was previously seen in a variety of TV shows including Teen Wolf, Faking It and NCIS.


The Kraken

"An insolent brat" according to The Monocle, The Kraken, aka Diego, is a master with a knife, wears a mysterious eyepatch and can hold his breath for extended periods of time. Russell Lewis was previously in Teen Wolf as well as The Big C and is a regular in upcoming Netflix western series Godless.

Also auditioning, Billy Dec was previously in Entourage and several background roles in Friends while relative newcomer Alec Whaite has been in many spanish language TV shows and movies.



The Seance

With powers of levitation, telekinesis and the ability to contact the dead, Klaus, aka The Seance, is one of the most formidable members of The Umbrella Academy crew. Stephen Louis Grush of Gracepoint fame reads alongside Andrew Durant, Tommy Savas and Joshua Moore.




The Boy

Having travelled through time, The Boy has a mind the same age as his 30-something siblings but his body has not aged, making this a prime role for any youth actors in Hollywood - could this be the male equivalent of an Eleven style breakout role? Reading in the above clip is Luke Ryan, previously seen in movies The Equaliser and Black Mass.

So, what do you guys think? Any audition particularly impress you? And what do you think of the dialogue? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

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