Unbelievable creator hints at potential season 2 of acclaimed Netflix drama

21 September 2019, 14:36

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

'Unbelievable' showrunnner Susannah Grant opened up about what she thinks of the series becoming an anthology. Grant revealed that she would "jump at the chance" to make Unbelievable season 2 if the right story came along.

Netflix viewers have praised the platform's latest true-crime drama, Unbelievable, which tells the story of Marie, a young woman who is raped but charged with a crime after police convince her to claim that she fabricated the assault. Based on an award-winning 2015 ProPublica article, the harrowing true story highlights just how important it is for law enforcement to be diligent in their work with victims (and each other), especially in crucial sexual assault cases.

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Viewers have been moved by the drama, with some even wondering if a second season could happen at Netflix. Obviously Marie's story has been told, but could another season of Unbelievable be on the table with a different intense case at its centre?

Unbelievable Netflix
Unbelievable Netflix. Picture: Netflix

In an interview with EW, Unbelievable showrunner Susannah Grant (Erin Brockovich) did not rule out a potential second season–though she did confirm that Marie's story in the series had reached a "satisfying resolution." Grant told the publication that she was, however, interested in telling other stories.

EW probed her about whether Unbelievable could work as anthology series and Grant didn't rule it out. "That's a cool idea!" she said.

In an anthology-style series, another case or journalistic investigation might be explored. Netflix has had some interest in turning popular one-offs into anthologies. 2018's Haunting of Hill House is set to return next year as an anthology–this time at Bly Manor. Dirty John is also getting a second season, despite being specifically named for infamous con-artist John Meehan.

“This is such a high bar because this case — if there’s some case that I find or come across that has this kind of weight and remarkable storytelling and unbelievable journalism behind it, I would jump at it, absolutely. If there was something that was as exciting to me, I haven’t found it yet, but never say never," Susannah explained.

"Unbelievable" Cast & Crew Screening
"Unbelievable" Cast & Crew Screening. Picture: Getty

While it doesn't sound like Susannah is in a huge rush to make another season of Unbelievable, the right story could definitely change that. Plus, we're sure Netflix would jump at the chance to bring it life–like they did with Marie's harrowing experience.

What do you guys think? Would you want to see Unbelievable return for season 2 as an anthology series?