An Open Letter To The Walking Dead Writers: Where The F**k Is Glenn?

9 November 2015, 15:45 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Glenn Walking Dead

By Victoria Pavlova

This is torture and we object!

Gather round, TWD fans, we need to strategise. The writers are just toying with our emotions at this point and it is NOT. COOL.

We all know what I'm talking about. Episode 3's cliffhanger has been left hanging for way too long, just like me when I try to get my friends to do a TWD high five. And just like that high five, this is UNACCEPTABLE. Where is Glenn, writers? Huh? Where is he?

This is how we left Alexandria's sweetheart in episode 3.

Despite the abundance of guts (literal ones) in that scene though, I refuse to believe Glenn's dead. You can't make me. For one, Steven Yeun is credited as a recurring character for the rest of Season 6. And did anyone actually see him being bitten? People can survive without a foot of viscera, right? 

Except we haven't seen Glenn for the first several episodes of this season and I'm starting to get nervous. 

Come back to us!

To calm our collective nerves, here are some theories about why our sunshine might be biding his time. 

Theory 1: He has survived the attack, realised his true value and ditched the Grimes group to make his own fortunes. 


Theory 2: He's just trying to deal with the news of Maggie's (SPOILERS) pregnancy.

Theory 3: He's finally working on his romance game. 


Theory 4: He's busy burning old pics of Nicholas. How does betrayal taste, Nic, huh?


Theory 5: He got the hell out of Atlanta, set up a new colony and now has the fastest metabolism in all the land. 


Too soon? That was probably too soon. 

We miss you Glenn, you were too good for this show. *teary-eyed emoji*

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