"Pretty Little Liars" FINALLY Revealed Who AD Is And Everyone Is Fuming About It

28 June 2017, 12:49

Pretty LIttle Liars Finale
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

"I didn't watch 7 seasons of this for A to be someone who wasn't involved in the first 159 episodes..."

After seven seasons, many MANY plot twists, deaths, break-ups and non-stop drama, Pretty Little Liars finally came to an emotional end last night (June 27) and the identity of the infamous AD was finally revealed once and for all. 

But not everyone was blown away by the final reveal. In fact, a lot of people are absolutely FUMING over the true identity of AD and the memes are lit. 

If you don't want to read any spoilers... now is the time to turn away. We've warned you!


It was finally revealed that AD was in fact Alex Drake, Spencer Hasting's evil twin sister. Yes, THAT fan theory came true. In the finale, Spencer was knocked unconscious by Mona and taken to a creepy underground bunker where she came face to face with her twin. When Mary gave birth to the sisters, the Hastings family took Spencer away and left Alex to be adopted by a family from England who ultimately couldn't handle her.

It turns out that Alex had known about Spencer the entire time and had been imitating her on and off throughout the seasons. But while half the fandom was shook at the reveal, the other half were not thrilled by the big plot twist and took to Twitter to meme about it.








And now, thanks to all that extra drama, fans are technically left with more questions than answers. 





It could have been worse though... it could have been Dan Humphrey.


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