Is Kitty gay in XO, Kitty? Anna Cathcart opens up about Kitty's sexuality

23 May 2023, 14:24

XO, Kitty - inside the character

By Sam Prance

Kitty has feelings for both Dae and Yuri in XO, Kitty. Is Kitty bi though? Here's what Anna Cathcart has said.

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XO, Kitty is the definition of gay rights! From Yuri to Q, the show has multiple iconic queer characters and it looks like Kitty is one of them. Now, Anna Catchart has opened up about why she's so proud of how Kitty explores her sexuality in XO, Kitty.

At the start of XO, Kitty, Kitty (Anna Cathcart) is convinced that Dae (Minyeong Choi) is her one true love. In fact, she moves all the way to Seoul to be with him. However, Kitty then finds out that Dae has a girlfriend, Yuri (Gia Kim) - well, appears to have one - and she learns that love is not as simple as she thought. Kitty also discovers that she has feelings for Yuri.

The show has left fans wondering if Kitty is gay or bi but Anna Cathcart says it's important Kitty doesn't label her sexuality.

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Is Kitty gay in XO, Kitty? Anna Cathcart opens up about Kitty's sexuality
Is Kitty gay in XO, Kitty? Anna Cathcart opens up about Kitty's sexuality. Picture: Netflix

Discussing Kitty's journey with her sexuality in a Q&A with Variety, Anna said: "I was really excited that we were going to be exploring that storyline. Something I’m very proud of the show and proud of Kitty for is that she’s letting herself have the space to figure that out and to not put pressure on herself and know that she might not get to an easy conclusion."

Anna said that the cast and crew were keen to make sure that Kitty had the space to discover her sexuality in her own time. She explained: "It’s a process. That’s part of what makes it beautiful. She’s never apologizing for how she’s feeling, she’s never apologizing for who she is or what she’s going through, which is something we were all very aware of."

Is Kitty bi in XO, Kitty?
Is Kitty bi in XO, Kitty? Picture: Netflix

Season 1 ends with Kitty telling her dad, Dan Covey, that she's attracted to a girl and he tells her that she loves her exactly as she is. Kitty then tries to tell Yuri how she feels about her only to learn that Yuri and Juliana are still very much a couple. Min Ho also confesses that he is in love with Kitty so there's a lot for Kitty to process in season 2.

Here's hoping that we get to see more of Kitty exploring her sexuality next season!

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