Do Wilhelm and Simon end up together? Young Royals season 2 ending explained

1 November 2022, 13:15 | Updated: 1 November 2022, 17:42

By Sam Prance

Young Royals season 2 explores Wilhelm and Simon's will they won't they love story even further.

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Young Royals season 2 is here and the ending answers the question on all our lips. Do Wilhelm and Simon end up together?

Ever since Young Royals debuted in 2021, fans have been desperate to find out if Wilhelm (Edvin Ryding) and Simon (Omar Rudberg) get back together in season 2. Season 1 ends with the couple splitting. After their sex tape leaks, Prince Wilhelm denies being in the video and asks Simon to date him in secret. However, Simon doesn't want to be anyone's secret.

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Young Royals season 2 adds to the drama by adding a new love interest to the mix. How does season 2 end though? Are Wilhelm and Simon meant to be or are they really better off apart? Here's the Young Royals season 2 ending explained.


Do Wilhelm and Simon end up together? Young Royals season 2 ending explained
Do Wilhelm and Simon end up together? Young Royals season 2 ending explained. Picture: Netflix

Throughout Young Royals season 2, it's clear that Wilhelm and Simon both still have feelings for each other. Wilhelm tries to start a private relationship with Simon again but Simon is still hurt and wants to move on. Simon even meets a boy named Marcus and they started dating each other. However, Marcus quickly becomes aware that Simon still loves Wilhelm.

In episode 4, Simon and Wilhelm kiss, and in episode 5, they have sex. Simon and Marcus break up in the season finale on bad terms. Simon apologises for hurting Marcus but Marcus calls Simon out for stringing him along. Simon then decides that he is willing to date Wilhelm in secret and the couple officially get back together.

That's not all though. At the end of the episode, Wilhelm admits in a royal speech that he was in the sex tape with Simon. The episode ends with him turning to look at Simon and they smile at each other.

Young Royals season 3 will likely explore how the Queen and the Swedish public react to Wilhelm openly being in a gay relationship and if Wilhelm and Simon can stay together through that.

Young Royals season 2 ending explained
Young Royals season 2 ending explained. Picture: Netflix

Elsewhere in season 2, Sara continues to see August in private. However, Simon soon finds out that August filmed the video of him and Wilhelm having sex and, at the end of the season, he finds out that Sara is seeing him. Felice also can't believe what Sara has done.

The season ends with Sara seemingly leaving Hillerska and calling the police to report August's crimes. It's unclear going into season 3 if August will take the fall for his crimes or try to cover up what he did again.

What do you think will happen in Young Royals season 3?

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