Zac Efron's beard has made him even hotter and the memes are SO thirsty

22 November 2018, 19:49 | Updated: 6 October 2020, 13:05

Zac Efron's beard has caused the internet to sweat
Zac Efron's new bearded look has caused the internet to sweat. Picture: Disney/@ZacEfron via Twitter

By Katie Louise Smith

"Okay but when did Zac Efron go from son to sir?!"

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Zac Efron is hot. Zac Efron was varying degrees of hot in the High School Musical movies, he was offensively hot in The Lucky One, he was literally on fire hot in the Baywatch movie and he was quietly hot in The Greatest Showman. Basically, Zac Efron BEEN hot. But what if I told you that Zac Efron actually got... hotter?

"How is that possible?!," we hear you cry! "Zac's hotness has already peaked! It's impossible! He can't get hotter!" Wrong. Like the finest of wines, our former teen heart-throb Zac Efron is ageing to perfection and he has now evolved into his most important role yet: man on a horse with a tan and a beard.

It all started when he shared a picture alongside a caption (in Spanish, no less) that says... I don't know what it says and I'm too distracted to translate it because I am busy simultaneously looking at his arms and his beard, ok?

It's not even the first picture of his beard that he's shared in the past few months. He's been documenting his travels on Twitter since September - beard present in all the snaps - but this ONE picture seems to have really set the internet off.

Take a look for yourselves, take it all in, enjoy it, savour it...

The second Zac posted the image, the internet absolutely lost it. The replies to his original tweet were out of control, the tweets about his new beefed up look were bordering filthy... Honestly, I have never seen such high levels of thirst on the timeline.

Here are some of the best. You're welcome:

I--- no comment...


ZADDY Efron, am I right? Or am I right?

Weak. I tell you. WEAK.

I'm crying and also sweating a little bit.

Suddenly everyone wishes they were a horse.

Never mind the country, Zac Efron's 30's may heal the entire world.