The 'Queer Eye' Fab Five Insisted That They Get Paid The Same

27 June 2018, 11:43

Queer Eye
Queer Eye. Picture: Getty
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

"We’re homies"

The Queer Eye fab five are literal gay angels. They have been sent down from gay heaven to help turn around the wretched lives of us mere mortals - and they look like they're having a FABULOUS time while they're doing it.

If you follow Jonathan Van Ness, Tan France, Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown and Antoni Porowski social media, you'll now that the guys love to support one another by celebrating each other's achievements and posting cute selfies together. They genuinely seem close and have forged a beautiful friendship together.

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It looks like that friendship extends to the business side of their relationship too, as Jonathan Van Ness claimed in a recent interview that they insisted that they all get paid the same amount for appearing on the hit Netflix show.



Talking to Wealth Simple, Jonathan explained why the Fab Five decided to be on the same salary. “When the boys and I were cast we banded together and made sure we got paid the same thing. I’m really into that part of our story.”

“We’re homies. We’d all feel so resentful if one of us was getting more or less than the others. It would create a very, like, not cool work environment.” Cute!

While all the Fab Five were successful in their respective specialties before the show, Jonathan had a larger public profile because of his work with the Funny or Die series Gay of Thrones. Some might have expected him to have earned a little more than the other guys because of this but they decided to keep it equal.

Outside of Queer Eye, Jonathan still works as a hair stylist and co-owns a salon in Los Angeles called MoJoHair. He still charges his regular fee of $250 for a cut but things might have to change soon. “The longer I do hair and the better I get at doing hair the more I can charge,” he reasoned. “But I do think that the more sought after I become, the supply and demand thing will have to apply. Time is money, honey.”

Get that paper Jonathan! You deserve it hun.

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