Tan France's pronunciation of "squirrel" on Queer Eye has the internet divided

18 March 2019, 19:41

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

How do you pronounce "squirrel"? Tan France schooled his Queer Eye friends on how to pronounce "squirrel" and the internet's debate on the word has turned fierce.

How do you pronounce "squirrel"? Queer Eye fans are debating how to pronounce the word after season 3 dropped on Netflix.

Queer Eye returned for season 3 on Netflix and with it came plenty of emotional moments, incredible transformations, and stunning reveals. The Fab 5 did more of what they do best, bring positivity to people all around the world. Still, there was plenty of banter to be had between Tan, Antoni, Jonathan, Bobby, and Karamo.

One moment that fans found particularly funny was a scene where Tan's pronunciation of the word "squirrel" had the other members of the Fab 5 very confused. Now, Tan has sparked a debate about how the word "squirrel" is pronounced and many people didn't realise that the word could be pronounced more than one way.

In season 3 episode 1: From Hunter to Huntee, the boys are off to visit Jody Castellucci, a mom and grandma who hunts a lot of her own food.

While explaining what animals Jody hunts, Tan said the word "squirrel" pronouncing it like "SK-WIR-RELL" instead of "SKWIRL".

Tan France Squirrel
Tan France Squirrel. Picture: Netflix/Screenshot
Tan France screenshot
Tan France screenshot. Picture: Netflix/Screenshot
Netflix Tan France squirrel
Netflix Tan France squirrel. Picture: Netflix/Screenshot

Tan, of course, clapped back when the others corrected him.

The iconic"squirrel is a noise, squirrel is a word" line is the first thing I'll think of from now on whenever I see... that animal.

Karamo, Jonathan, Bobby, and Antoni were all pronouncing the word with one syllable while Tan's pronunciation had multiple syllables.

People found the exchange hilarious.

But the debate was making people rethink EVERYTHING.

The clear difference in the American pronunciation vs. The British pronunciation was stark.

Not only is Queer Eye here to make us ugly cry, smile, and wish Bobby could redo our apartments, the show is also providing some important cultural exchange.

What do you guys think? What is the CORRECT pronunciation of squirrel?