QUIZ: Would you survive in 'Bird Box'?

7 January 2019, 18:20 | Updated: 8 January 2019, 09:28

Would you survive in 'Bird Box'? - QUIZ
Would you survive in 'Bird Box'? - QUIZ. Picture: Netflix

By Sam Prance

Take off your blindfold and take the ultimate Bird Box quiz...

There's no question that Bird Box is THAT bitch. Netflix may have only released the new Sandra Bullock led horror film at the end of 2018, but, in that time, the movie dominated social media (the memes are all iconic) and also become Netflix's most streamed film ever in a seven day period. Bird Box was viewed by a whopping 45,037,125 accounts in its first week of release.

Would you survive in 'Bird Box' though? Would the entity get you early on or would you make it all the way to the sanctuary? Would you die to save the ones you love or kill others to stay alive? Learn your fate below.