QUIZ: This is the hardest 'Would You Rather' for Bird Box fans

4 January 2019, 16:09

Bird Box
Picture: Netflix

By Katie Louise Smith

Would you rather: hook up with Felix or hook up with Tom?

Throughout Bird Box, Malorie and the rest of the survivors have to make a ton of difficult decisions. They make both very good decisions (Malorie picking up those birds?! A stroke of genius!) and some very very bad (Olympia letting Gary in the door without consulting the rest of the house? FFS!)

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But how well do you think you would cope making those decisions? It's not as easy as you might think... there's 10 very stressful situations in this quiz and all you've gotta do is pick which one you think you'd decide to do. Do you have the same mindset as everyone else? Or are you a savage with only your own survival on your mind?