QUIZ: Would Fez from Euphoria date you?

14 January 2022, 13:05 | Updated: 14 January 2022, 13:06

Behind the scenes of Fez and Nate’s fight on Euphoria

By Sam Prance

We all know that Fez is the hottest character in Euphoria but would he be your boyfriend?

It's impossible to watch Euphoria without having crush on Fez. The beloved character, who is played by Angus Cloud, is one of the only boys in the series with any sort of moral compass. He's a drug dealer but he also cares deeply about Rue and does everything to help her stay sober. Not to mention, he will beat up anyone who does his loved ones wrong.

Would Fez date you though? Are you the perfect match for him or are you simply incompatible? The only way to know if you belong with Fez is by taking this in-depth boyfriend quiz. Does his heart lie with you?

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