QUIZ: Would you be good or evil in Harry Potter?

24 November 2020, 16:32

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By Sam Prance

Harry Potter has its fair share of heroes and villains. Which would you be?

Harry Potter is a story of good and evil and everything in between. As soon as it begins, we are thrust into a wondrous world of magic where the dark actions of a famous villain and his followers loom over everything. Throughout the books and films, we are introduced to new characters. Some are kind, others treacherous and then there are those who are a mix of both.

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Where do you lie on Harry Potter's moral scale though? Are you a caring legend like Neville Longbottom? Are you a wicked witch like Bellatrix Lestrange? Are you caught between what's wrong and right like Draco Malfoy? There's only one way to find out your Harry Potter truth and that's by taking this quiz. The answer may surprise you.

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